Introductory Blog

Sharing experiences, telling our stories, finding help through understanding.  My blogs will be filled with instances and experiences of my own, interviews with other pain sufferers and much more.  I am 47, have been dealing with the aftermath and effect to my health from a car accident at 19 which changed my life forever.  I have qualifications in Education, Mathematics and Psychology; none of which help my life now that I am where I am with my pain and lack of ability to even control and keep to a routine of getting up and going to bed at the right time.  Some days I do not eat; simply because I cannot move.  Some weeks I have trouble every single day and I feel guilt, shame, fear, hopelessness and helplessness.  I know I am not alone, remember… a problem shared is a problem halved.  cropped-383028_2126129561056_1480418030_31771941_994598341_n.jpgSo here is my opportunity to share my story but to also allow others to share theirs.  My first “true” blog is up and ready for reading.  Please feel free to comment, call me out, follow me or anything you want to do.  I have also left an email address if you do not feel comfortable speaking your story as yourself; I can make it an anonymous post for you.  My hope is that we can all come together under this blog and make a change in the disconnect called the Health System, share ideas and even those laughable moments we have when we’ve been dealing with Medical Staff, family etc.  I was once told by someone very important to me, that it isn’t the size of the steps I make, it’s the direction I am taking… so here’s to a positive step for me; would love to help you achieve yours!

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