What Happened?

I think it’s time that I was more specific about my injuries, this way some of you may feel an affinity towards my issues and others for the pure sake of understanding.  I was in a car accident, T-boned by a very heavy and strong Panel Van which was speeding one rainy night.  At impact, several things occurred; the steering wheel dropped, trapping my legs, my body continued to travel in the same direction as the car (sideways), causing my pelvis to split almost in two and my right hip to be snapped from my thigh bone, hitting my pelvis, creating more damage.  Simultaneously, my seat belt, used to front or back end impact, stuck and tightened across my chest in such a way that it broke all of my ribs, which in turn, ruptured my lungs. I cracked my skull which then created brain swelling, as my pelvis was disrupted, so too was my spine.  My coccyx was completely turned 180 degrees.  The impact was so severe that I tore my femoral artery.  Unfortunately I was not able to be removed from the car, so the ambulance crew had to attend to me as the Jaws of Life were being used.  At this point in time, I had died twice; once from the lack of oxygen and then from the blood loss (I eventually lost my entire circulatory system). Once I was able to be freed, I had to be resuscitated again and considering I am typing this, I presume it’s obvious that it was successful.


I know none of this for myself, I have no memory of these things I have described, this is purely from what I was told after the event.  I am not going to discuss my hospital stay, it was long, I had given birth to a Son a few months before the accident and did not see him, I had surgeries, I had counselling to help me accept the kind of life I was now forced to live and then I went home to see my Son again.














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